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Speaker at MCLE Education Programs

MCLE speaking engagements (including For-Profit Providers to train other Attorneys):

12/06/2019 NBI: “Probate Boot Camp” re: Post-Mortem issues, Creditors’ Claims and Ethics

11/20/2019 IPE:  “Paralegal Probate” program re:  Creditors’ Claims and Ethics

08/26/2019 NBI: “Estate Planning: The Ultimate Guide” re: Wills: Testator Capacity and Essential Elements

06/19/2019 NBI: “Probate Boot Camp” re: Ethics

09/25/2018 NBI: “Estate Administration Boot Camp”re: Ethics

09/24/2018 NBI: “Estate Administration Boot Camp” re: Debts

07/18/2016 Lorman: “California Medicaid & elder Law”

06/16/2017 NBI: “Probate Boot Camp” re: Ethics

05/05/2017 SGVBA: San Gabriel Valley BAR ASSN: “Ethics of EOLOA Statute”/End Of Life Options Act

07/18/2016 Lorman: “California Medicaid & Elder Law”

12/10/2015 Lorman: “California Medicaid & Elder Law”

07/09/2014 Lorman: “California Medi-Cal & Elder law in California”

06/04/2014 Lorman: “California Rules of Trust Administration in California”

04/03/2014 Pincus: “Fundamental of Elder Law”

06/10/2014 SGV FRT/Fiduciary Roundtable: “Accurate APPRAISAL + Appropriate ACCOUNT = COURT APPROVAL + Client Appreciation” by JOAN WIEDERHOLT, California Probate Referee and STEVE WITTER, Fiduciary Accountant
(With Sportly Commentary by Attorneys Christopher A. Bury, Esq. & Carol A. Peters, Esq.)

05/02/2013 Lorman: “Rules of Trust Administration in California”:
SNT/Special Needs Trust
Property Management
Trustee Working With Others

05/05/05 SES/Sterline Education Systems, Inc.: “Planning for Estates Without Estate Tax Concerns”:
Planning for Long-Term Care and Planning for Disabled Beneficiaries
Medi-Cal/Medicaid Issues
Share Of Cost (SOC)
State Recovery

04/19/2005 Lorman: “Medi-Cal and Elder Law Issues in California”:
Community Needs Based Medi-Cal
Supplemental Security income (SSI) vs. Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)
Medically Needy Only (MNO) Medi-Cal
In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)
Aged & Disabled Federal Poverty Level Program (A&D FPL)
Ethical and Family Issues
Resolving Famly Conflicts
End Of Life Issues

04/08/2005 NBI: “California Elder Care Planning: How To Protect Assets and Provide for Services”:
Preserving Family Assets When Qualifying For Medicaid
Ethical Considerations when Representing the Elderly Client

08/05/04 SES/Sterling Educ. Systems Inc.: “Elder Law: Legal, Financial and Healthcare Issues”:
Planning for Incapacity – Health Care issues and Bioethics
Advance Health Care Directives
Do Not Resuscitate (“DNR”) Orders
Financing Long-Term Care
Planning for Long-Term Care: Assessing the Risks and the Resources
“Self-Financing” the Risk
Long-Term Care Insurance

04/22/2003 Lorman: “Medi-Cal and Elder Law Issues in California”:
Opening the File *
Health Insurance Overview
Public Benefits Overview
LTC Medi-Cal Use
Gifting Rules
Pre-Need Eligibility Planning – Single
California’s Recovery Program
Capacity Issues
Conservatorship – Probate Court
Estate Settlement Without Planning
Estate Settlement With Planning
Miscellaneous Issues
Closing the File

*This intake process (of sending an appointment letter to identify what to bring to the office conference) documented the Nov. 2001 facts, which facts were reviewed by the DA’s forensic psychologist, which professional opinion was reviewed by the Second District Appellate Court in People vs. Cooper (2/15/2007) 148 CA4th 731, 736, 738. The LA County DA’s prosecution was the first nationally published Elder Abuse case to admit into evidence videotapes by Social Workers of a deceased elder, after the federal Supreme Court’s ruling in Crawford vs. Washington (2004) 541 U.S. 36 that videotapes by police of a deceased person or victim violate the criminal defendant’s 6th Amendment right to confront witnesses. When the victim is deceased, she/he is no longer available to testify. California’s Second District found the social worker tapes of Cooper’s victim, Pat Nelson, to be relevant for the issue of her MENTAL STATE, in explaining who was the victim, and NOT TESTIMONIAL against Mr. Cooper. Hence the Social Worker tapes could be admitted, although the police tapes could not.

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